Next Year

Provisional event dates for next year. Subject to change as planning progresses.
This year's events are here:

Event Date Links Clubs
Norman Perren Memorial Trial Mon, 01/01/2018 Eastern Counties MC
Boundless Jan 12 Car Rally Fri, 05/01/2018 Boundless by CSMA
Anglian Inter-Club 20/20 Sat, 06/01/2018 Anglia MSC, Chelmsford MC
KL Jan 12 Car Wed, 10/01/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
MGJ Engineering Brands Hatch Winter Stages Sat, 20/01/2018 Chelmsford MC
The Roger Holmes Memorial Trial Sun, 21/01/2018 Cambridge CC
January Jaunt 12 Car Fri, 26/01/2018 Chelmsford MC
Brean Stages Rally Sat, 27/01/2018 to Sun, 28/01/2018 Club Rallysport West
Boundless Feb 12 Car Rally Fri, 02/02/2018 Boundless by CSMA
AEMC Marshals' Training Day Sat, 03/02/2018
KL Feb 12 Car Wed, 07/02/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
South Downs Stages Sat, 10/02/2018
Holbecks Car Trial Sun, 11/02/2018 West Suffolk MC
Valentine Autotest Sun, 11/02/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Snetterton Stage Rally Sun, 18/02/2018 Anglia MSC
Sevenoaks Scatter Thu, 22/02/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Tendring Hundred 12 Car Fri, 23/02/2018 Chelmsford MC
Boundless Mar 12 Car Rally Fri, 02/03/2018 Boundless by CSMA
Bovington Stages Sat, 03/03/2018 to Sun, 04/03/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Donington Rally Sun, 04/03/2018 Dukeries MC
March Hare Classic Trial Sun, 04/03/2018 Falcon MC
KL Mar 12 Car Wed, 07/03/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
March Hare Slalom Sun, 18/03/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Spring Trial Sun, 18/03/2018 West Suffolk MC
Sevenoaks Car Trial Sun, 18/03/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
March Hare 12 Car Fri, 23/03/2018 Chelmsford MC
EC Debden AutoSOLO & Autotest Sun, 25/03/2018 Eastern Counties MC, SCCoN
MDA Rallycross Sun, 25/03/2018 Minicross DA
Rockingham Sprint Sun, 25/03/2018 BARC
Brands Hatch Autosolo Sun, 01/04/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Catch The Pigeon Sprint Sun, 01/04/2018 Bournemouth DCC
KL Apr 12 Car Wed, 04/04/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
Boundless Apr 12 Car Rally Fri, 06/04/2018 Boundless by CSMA
Abingdon Long Course Sprint Sun, 08/04/2018 Farnborough DMC, Sutton & Cheam MC
Debden AutoSOLO & Autotest Sun, 08/04/2018 West Suffolk MC
Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally Sun, 08/04/2018 Border MC
Sevenoaks Scatter Fri, 13/04/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Ivinghoe Spring Trial Sun, 15/04/2018 Falcon MC
Juniper Autotest Sat, 21/04/2018 Boundless by CSMA
Lotus Hethel Sprint Sun, 22/04/2018 Borough 19 MC
Rockingham Autosolo Sun, 22/04/2018 Peterborough MC
Corbeau Seats Rally Tendring & Clacton Sun, 22/04/2018 Chelmsford MC
7Oaks Autotest Thu, 26/04/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
April Blossom 12 Car Fri, 27/04/2018 Chelmsford MC
Croft Sprint Sat, 28/04/2018 BARC
Horiba D'Isis Stages Sat, 28/04/2018 Quinton MC
North Weald Sprint Sun, 29/04/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Cambridge Classic Sun, 29/04/2018 Cambridge CC
Curborough F of 8 Sprint Sun, 29/04/2018 Sheffield & Hallamshire MC
Willowbrook Farm Autotest Sun, 29/04/2018 Peterborough MC
May Grass Gymkhana Wed, 02/05/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
Debden May Sprint Sun, 06/05/2018 Herts County AAC
Rockingham Autosolo Sun, 06/05/2018 Peterborough MC
South Suffolk Classic Sun, 13/05/2018 Eastern Counties MC, West Suffolk MC
Snetterton Sprint Sat, 19/05/2018 to Sun, 20/05/2018 Borough 19 MC
Javalin's Jumbo Targa Rally Sun, 20/05/2018 Chelmsford MC
May Bug Slalom Sun, 20/05/2018 Bournemouth DCC
7Oaks Autotest Thu, 24/05/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Motorsport at the Palace Sun, 27/05/2018 to Mon, 28/05/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Willowbrook Farm Autotest Sun, 03/06/2018 Peterborough MC
Wethersfield AutoSOLO & Autotest Sun, 03/06/2018 West Suffolk MC
Summer Sprint Tue, 05/06/2018 Bournemouth DCC
June Grass Gymkhana Wed, 06/06/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
CAR-nival Sprint Sat, 09/06/2018 Farnborough DMC, Sutton & Cheam MC
Greenacres Autotest Sun, 10/06/2018 Boundless by CSMA
Sevenoaks Car Trial Sun, 10/06/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
CAR-nival Stages Sun, 10/06/2018 Farnborough DMC, Sutton & Cheam MC
7Oaks Autotest Thu, 14/06/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
East Anglian Classic Sat, 16/06/2018 Chelmsford MC
Three Counties Stages Sun, 17/06/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Flying Fortress Stages Sun, 17/06/2018 Dukeries MC
MDA Rallycross Sun, 17/06/2018 Minicross DA
7Oaks Autotest Thu, 21/06/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Centenary Stages Sat, 23/06/2018 Sheffield & Hallamshire MC
WAC Debden Targa Rally Sun, 24/06/2018 Wickford AC
Curborough Long Sprint Sat, 30/06/2018 Sheffield & Hallamshire MC
Willowbrook Farm Autotest Sun, 01/07/2018 Peterborough MC
July Grass Gymkhana Wed, 04/07/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
7Oaks Autotest Thu, 05/07/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Grasshopper Autotest Sun, 08/07/2018 Boundless by CSMA
Grass Autotest Sun, 08/07/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Lydden Sprint Sat, 14/07/2018 Borough 19 MC, Maidstone MKMC, Sevenoaks DMC, Tunbridge Wells MC
Nicky Grist Rally Sat, 14/07/2018 Quinton MC
Rockingham Autosolo Sat, 21/07/2018 Peterborough MC
Classic Car Rally Sun, 22/07/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
TAMS Packaging North Weald Summer Sprint Sun, 29/07/2018 Green Belt MC
Lotus Hethel Sprint Sun, 05/08/2018 Borough 19 MC
Curborough F of 8 Sprint Sat, 11/08/2018 BARC
Bournemouth Targa Rally Sun, 12/08/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Haymaker Autotest Sun, 12/08/2018 Boundless by CSMA
August Grass Gymkhana Wed, 15/08/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
Dukeries Rally (preferred date) Sun, 19/08/2018 Dukeries MC
7Oaks Autotest Sun, 26/08/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Rockingham Autosolo Sat, 01/09/2018 Peterborough MC
Bomb-Along Targa Rally Sun, 02/09/2018 West Suffolk MC, Wickford AC
The Composite Doors Essex Wethersfield Stages Sun, 02/09/2018 Chelmsford MC
Brands Hatch Autosolo Sun, 02/09/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Smeatharpe Stages Rally Sun, 02/09/2018 Bournemouth DCC
North Weald Sprint Sun, 09/09/2018 Green Belt MC, Harrow CC
Chiltern Autotest Sun, 09/09/2018 Boundless by CSMA
KL Sept 12 Car Wed, 12/09/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
The Coulson Autosolo & Autotest Sun, 16/09/2018 Cambridge CC
Goodwood Sprint Sat, 22/09/2018 Sevenoaks DMC, Tunbridge Wells MC
Pollard Trophy Sporting Trial Sun, 23/09/2018 Peterborough MC
Harvest Slalom Sun, 23/09/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Priestley 12 Car Fri, 28/09/2018 Chelmsford MC
The Autumn Sprint Sat, 29/09/2018 BARC
Willowbrook Farm Autotest Sun, 30/09/2018 Peterborough MC
KL Oct 12 Car Wed, 03/10/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
Mutley Mayhem Sun, 07/10/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Debden October Sprint Sun, 07/10/2018 Herts County AAC
David Maitland Memorial Car Trial Sun, 14/10/2018 Falcon MC
MDA Rallycross Sun, 14/10/2018 Minicross DA
Autumn Autotest Sun, 14/10/2018 Boundless by CSMA
The End of Season Sprint Sat, 20/10/2018 BARC
Debden AutoSOLO & Autotest Sun, 21/10/2018 West Suffolk MC
Dukeries Rally (alternative date) Sun, 21/10/2018 Dukeries MC
Halloween 12 Car Fri, 26/10/2018 Chelmsford MC
Guy Fawkes Slalom Sun, 04/11/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Guy Fawkes Trial Sun, 04/11/2018 Falcon MC
Bonfire Targa Rally Sun, 04/11/2018 Chelmsford MC
KL Nov 12 Car Wed, 07/11/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
Sevenoaks 12 Car Fri, 09/11/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Challenger Stages Sun, 18/11/2018 Bournemouth DCC
Mince Pie 12 Car Fri, 23/11/2018 Chelmsford MC
The Preston Sat, 01/12/2018 to Sun, 02/12/2018 Chelmsford MC
Rockingham Stages Sat, 01/12/2018 to Sun, 02/12/2018 Middlesex CAC
KL Dec 12 Car Wed, 05/12/2018 Kings Lynn DMC
Sevenoaks Scatter Thu, 06/12/2018 Sevenoaks DMC
Winter Trial Sun, 09/12/2018 West Suffolk MC
Christmas Slalom Sun, 09/12/2018 Bournemouth DCC