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Technical Updates from MSUK 

Seat Mountings – Dec 2020

Further amendments have been made to the seat mounting regulations in (K)2.2.1, these amendments give further detail to the requirements for transverse seat mounting rails.

These new regulations are only a requirement for new build cars from 01 January 2021. They are not to be retrospectively applied to existing cars

Seats, Seat Belts and Headrests – Nov 2020

New rule

K2.1.12. Elastic devices attached to the shoulder straps are forbidden. Date of Implementation: Immediate

Reason: Elastic devices attached to harness shoulder straps to aid egress are a safety concern as they may pull the shoulder straps off the FHR. The regulation copies an FIA regulation which prohibits their use.


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Useful MSUK Technical Guidance

Seat Installation

Harness Installation

Frontal Head Restraints (FHRs) (HANS)  

Non Lead-acid batteries Lithium ion batteries are becoming popular as a good weight saving. However only batteries made by MSUK registered companies can be used on events.


Road Rally Tyre Rules (also applies to Targa Rallies)

N.B. Always check event regulations which may put in place additional requirements. For example events in Wales require E marked tyres, whilst this remains a very rare rule outside of Wales.

Extract from Section L (Tyres) of the Blue Book :

3.2. For all Road, Navigation, Targa Road and Historic Road Rallies tyres are free subject to the following;

(a) Tyres on the current FIA List of Asphalt Eligible Tyres are permitted; including sizes not homologated;

 (b) Tyres on List 1B (from 2020) and List 1C are not permitted other than the Avon CR28, the Avon CR6ZZ and the Pirelli P7 Corsa Classic, for pre 1/10/90 registered cars, the Yokohama A021R (manufactured before 01/11/14), and the Yokohama Advan A052;

(c) Tyres marked for "competition use" are not permitted with the exception of tyres on List 6 and 3.2a. 3.2.1. For Endurance Road Rallies only tyres on List 4 are permitted.

The tyre lists can be found at the end of Section L of the Blue Book (see above link)

Events in the AEMC / AMSC region don’t normally apply any additional rules on tyres.


Historic Rally Car Technical Information


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