Marshal Training


Saturday 21st March 2020 at Cambridge Regional College

This year we are able to offer a ½ day Practical Rally Marshal’s training session.

There will be Modules on 1st on scene including communications & CPR and Fire Theory & Practical.
The sessions are aimed at those who need the Marshal to Timing / Radio / Sector Training Module Signatures.
Priority will be given to those people.

There will be a Morning session (09:00 to 12:45) and an Afternoon Session (12:30 to 16:15)
There is a maximum of 24 places on each session.
Places will be allocated according to the priority above and then in the order of application.

Training will be by Motorsport UK licensed training instructors.

Refreshments will be available but lunch will not be provided

Please apply via the online application form below which will ensure we have all necessary details.

Yours Sincerely
Clive Grounds
AEMC Training officer
MSA Trainer