2hrs Charity Endurance Race Ellough Park 9th September 2018

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Hi my name is Pat Ward yes most of you should now me as used to sponsor the AEMC Stage Rally Chamionship for as long as one can remember before Jelf took over from in 2014

But now been out of the limelight for five years as now building up a new car club DIsabledRacing Driver Car Club DRDCC for short as well along side the car club we are also a Motorsport Charity. Raising the Awareness to people that have disabilities can come and help support them to achieve their Hope and Dreams and get involved with Motorsport and the vast range of roles within the sport has on offer.

On the 9th September we be hosting a charity 2hrs Endurance Race and show at Ellough Park Raceway in Beccles so love to get 20 teams across all the sports clubs and race teams as cost is £250 per team 10am signing on for 11am Start as lots of fun as a family day as free to spectate. Also looking at trade and car club stand so the public can see what on offer as we are open to any non Motorsport UK as well to join in as to raise money for the Charity that’s role is raising the awarness to the people with Disabilities can get involved in Motorsport as well as supporting the AEMC events across all events we can.

So you love to Enter a team or club stand & show car then please contact me on the car club email info@drdcc.org.uk our Facebook Page DRDCC/Raceability. Or my home contact number 01508 570924.before 9.30pm please

Thanks and look forward to your emails and look on Facebook for updates as clubs and teams entering. So for those that have not seen me for a while be good to catch up with you all, as sadly my driving days have stopped me doing everything so I love to have all your support to make this one of many events the club and Charity will be putting one as this our first event and love your valued support.


Founder DRDCC