Regulations and online entries for the 2024 AEMC Sprint Championship are now available here:


Our 2024 AEMC/ASEMC Speed Championship begins on 23rd March with a sprint at Cadwell Park and ends at Eelmoor on 6th October. There will be 24 rounds, for which the registration fee will be £15 for the whole year ...and you will be sent a free pocketable multi-tool.

If you want to enter or marshal, please visit where you will find the entry system and links to contact each organising club.

For 2025, we are hoping to add some Hill Climb events in private venues and on closed public roads. If you know about a good hill near you, please contact

FREE offer to organisers

All the organising clubs are invited to use a free Android App to upload their event results (as a pdf) to the web, where an additional free page is available to display a Noticeboard with links to all the permits/licenses that regulations require. As you can see in the images below, it’s very neat …and simple to use. Just contact



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