AMSC Autosolo Club Invitations


The AMSC Autosolo Series begins again in April and we are keen to get other clubs involved.

The events are open to over a dozen invited clubs in addition to the AMSC members. If your club is not in AMSC but your members would like to try Autosolos (or the Autotests and PCA's which are all included in each event) all you need to do is ask that your club is 'invited'.

This invitation is available to any Motorsport UK registered club and can be for one person or any number. All your club member or Comp Sec has to do is to ask for an invitation for your club to be added to the event regs. We already have a couple of one-make clubs who have asked to come along.

All the Series events are geared to encouraging new entrants to motor sport and we get new drivers at every event so, if anyone has never competed before, AMSC Solos are an ideal place to start. They are also one of the cheapest events to do. And, if you like what you see and want to do more, full membership of an AMSC club for a few pounds would entitle you to be included in the Series Challenge Tables.

Full details are on the AMSC website or any AMSC club website or linked to on this site via Anglia MSC at the top of this page.

Alternatively, contact me. My address is on the ECMC website,

See if your club would like to be involved.

Tony Burchnall. Comp Sec ECMC.