Thought I would introduce us


Hi All,

Thought it would be polite to introduce ourselves, what we are about, and for everything that is scratching their heads, a Virtual Simulator Racing team, joining a real life Motor Club Association?, I know, why.

There is lots of reason, and hopefully I will explain them all, but first, about us...


Yes we are an online racing team that have been around since 2004, and currently race in Assetto Corsa.  We are looking to push the boundries of just pure simulator racing, so that it over laps with real life racing, but do to this, you have to be officially registered.  I don't want to bore you all with the details, but I am hoping to hold, Simulated events that simulate the real life, i.e Avon GT Championship, F3 UK and Eurocup, Lotus Cup to name a few.  With being AEMC and Motorsport UK registered, you become acknowledged that you are serious and this will hopefully, inturn attract sponsors, for prizes, with my ultimate goal, is for our races to appear on MotorsTV, as they have a MotorsTV 3D slot.

Hard work, of course, but we have a dedicated team of 10 internal staff, with over 85 members, and growing by the week.

We have been fortunate that we had 2 real life drivers ( Tristan Cliffe, F3 Cup Driver with OmicronMotorsport and Niki Meredith, Irish Legends Driver) but obviously with time not on their side and persuing their real life driving, they don't race as much anymore.

If anybody has / or would like to try Assetto Corsa, it is currently discounted, and anybody is more than welcome to join us online.  We are a very friendly bunch of people who promote clean fair racing, and we also run our rules to the Motorsport UK Guidebook, and also have rules for what is classed as Track Limits.  We do ask people to sign up to the website/forum, to allow access to our servers, just to filter out the people that don't want to race, but cause havok, as this is the downside to simulated racing, but we are covered for this.

All the links are below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask


Shaun Clarke

President - Triple 7 Racing

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Thanks Shaun for the

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Thanks Shaun for the background information. 

Having a look at how your races work and look is definitely on my list of things I want to do.