Beginner 12 Car


Fri, 25/02/2022


12 Car Rally, including training 

Eastern Counties Motor Club and AMSC will be running a beginners 12 Car on Friday 25th Feb 2022, based on a village close to Ipswich (OS 155). This event is aimed at absolute beginners open to all AMSC clubs and will include: 

  1. Entry fee (as close to zero as we can manage) 
  2. Initial 1hr training for crews, including first plot, (coffee and biscuits). 
  3. 15 mile (ish) first run over car friendly lanes. 
  4. Debrief and second plot with expert coaching/advice. 
  5. 10 mile (ish) run over different friendly roads to a 12 car friendly pub. 

We will supply maps, pencils etc. ie. almost all you need except:

Driver, Navigator, Car, Fuel. 

 Note: Bluefin insurance will be available if required. 

Entries will open on 2nd Jan 2022



The Crown CO7 7QR